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Another big benefit from the YANMAR engine is the lack of vibrations, important when transporting prestigious paying customers. The 4LV150 provides an enhanced passenger experience with minimal vibrations from the engine, driving a comfortable ride and leaving the occupants to

enjoy the beauty of Venice without any distraction from the 4-cylinder, 2.8L engine, all whilst remaining in compliance with the local requirements.

Featuring the latest engine technologies, the 4LV Series is undoubtedly cleaner, quieter, and produces more torque & acceleration than any other engine in its class. The 4LV is the ideal solution for sailing yachts over 50 ft, super yacht tenders, small motorboats and light duty commercial vessels.

·         Specifically designed for sailing yachts over 50ft, super yacht tenders, small motor boats and light-duty commercial vessels

·         Powerful low-end torque performance, delivering superior acceleration

·         Exceeds EPA Tier 3 & RCD Stage 2 emmissions regulations

·         Measures significantly low in smoke, odor & noise

Equally, when entering the more open waters of the lagoons and exclusive private island resorts surrounding the city, the smooth acceleration and responsiveness of the YANMAR engine allows the boat to immediately enter onto a plane whether there are 1 or 10 people onboard.

With current fuel prices, economy is also key “I have complete faith in the engine which is economical to run and gives me peace of mind” says Matteo, “It suits the water taxi service, but I would recommend to anyone for leisure purposes also.”

Furthermore, the YANMAR engine’s durability to see the operator through long operating periods means that he hasn’t had a single day unplanned downtime in the 3 years it’s been fitted to his boat. Definitely, Matteo is very happy with YANMAR.

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