Tide Runner performs well beyond expectations with Yanmar!

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Tide Runner performs well beyond expectations with Yanmar!

‘Tide Runner’ sitting pretty at her marina berth

The classic styling of recently-launched bay cruiser Tide Runner has only exceeded her beautiful wooden lines with her performance and builder/owner Gary Doornbos is absolutely stoked with the outcome!

The 10-metre Clem Masters design was a retirement project for long-time boat builder Gary who chose the ever-popular Yanmar 6LPA-STP2 in-line six-cylinder marine diesel engine to power his single-screw beauty.

This 315mhp, direct-injection turbocharged legend of the Yanmar marine diesel range is an incredibly popular choice for builders of new vessels and repowers alike, but even Gary, (with his decades of experience), has been unexpectedly surprised by the performance.

Regular followers of Power Equipment’s magazine Power News may recall Gary hoping for a top speed of about 20 knots, with economical cruising expected at 12 to 14knots.

Following her launch in late 2022, sea trials have proven once again that Yanmar is still the name to beat in dedicated marine power.

Gary has reported that Tide Runner is delivering an impressive 24.5knots at WOT, (on a new and relatively tight engine – most diesels will perform even better after some running hours). And he couldn’t be happier!

Taken through its paces with the assistance of Power Equipment’s Brad Williams, Gary made contact with Power Equipment’s Queensland office to let them know how pleased he was with the Yanmar’s performance in Tide Runner and the service and support from Power Equipment.

High praise indeed from one of Queensland’s most experience boat builders.

In planning and build for around seven years, Tide Runner is a true retro-style classic in its own right. Clem Masters designs are a favourite of Gary Doornbos, (he already owned a larger 48ft Clem Masters design), and certainly are a fantastic hull when it comes to power boat performance.

The four tonne semi-displacement hull is designed to plane at 10 knots, (a mark of great design in itself), and expected economical cruising speeds could exceed 16knots in certain conditions according to sea trials.

Gary has made no secret in the past of his preference for Yanmars when it comes to marine propulsion, but the 6LPA-STP2’s performance in Tide Runner is yet another example of “prop in the water” proof when it comes to what these engines deliver in real life application.

With a power-to-weight advantage over many competitors, (the 6LPA-STP2 weighs in at just over 400kg), and torque rise that delivers peak-torque at the 2,200rpm mark, this Yanmar can deliver superb performance across a wide variety of pleasure and light-duty commercial vessel applications

With a cruising speed fuel consumption expected in the low 20’s(lph), the range and cost of running Tide Runner are hard to beat too.

Congratulations again on a beautiful build Gary! Power Equipment is certainly proud to have been able to help make Tide Runner even more beautiful in performance.

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