YANMAR Showcases Complete Commercial Engine Capabilities With Strengthened Presence At Workboat Show

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YANMAR Showcases Complete Commercial Engine Capabilities With Strengthened Presence At Workboat Show

Uniting the capabilities of YANMAR Marine International (YMI) and YANMAR America, YANMAR’s presence at this year’s show will demonstrate the versatility, output range and quality of its engine portfolio for various applications in the commercial market.

The separation of dedicated business units enables YANMAR to focus on the specific segments of light-duty, high-speed, and large engine commercial use, offering customers and partners the cost and efficiency benefits of an engine line-up proven for its leading durability and extremely low fuel consumption.

Effectively accommodating the needs of different markets, YANMAR’s range is well suited for commercial applications from workboats, rescue and safety boats, fishing and passenger vessels to salvage/towing, government service vessels, port authority boats and large offshore vessels.

At this year’s Workboat Show, the joint display will highlight the YMI range as the largest common rail recreation and light duty commercial (LDC) EPA-certified engine line-up, supported by the largest marine service network in the industry. Engineered for the harshest of conditions with the additional features required by the rigorous SOLAS (Safety Of Life At Sea) regulations, these YANMAR diesel engines are designed to exceed global emissions regulations and standards. Options also include semi 2-pole, high-power alternators, NMEA connectivity and more, to satisfy nearly any light-duty commercial application requirement.

The units in the LDC range on display at Workboat this year are the EPA Tier III and IMO Tier II certified 4LV and 6LF engine series, well-suited for water taxis, high speed fishing vessels, pilot boats and government service vessels. The 4LV engines are cleaner, quieter and produce more torque and acceleration than any other engine in their class, while the 6LF models are compact and light weight engines for semi-planing and planing lightweight hulls with inboard propulsion systems.

YANMAR America’s high-speed commercial (HSC) division will showcase the EPA Tier III, IMO Tier II and IMO Tier III (with SCR) 6AYEM-ET engine. The 6AY engines are renowned for their high output and high torque, long life and high reliability, easy maintenance, low fuel consumption and life cycle value.

The large-scale marine engines, which are used as power and energy sources for large tankers and other ships, achieve the high level of power, fuel economy and higher-dimensional durability required for the harsh open ocean waters. On display at Workboat, YANMAR’s large engine portfolio includes the 6EY17 unit, which is both IMO Tier II and Tier III certified.

Further capabilities of the large engine business unit include its dual fuel 8EY26LDF marine engines, which run on diesel as well as environmentally friendly LNG, enabling them to satisfy IMO Tier III regulations. With features such as load fluctuation tracking, acceleration performance, and high thermal efficiency, in addition to precision air-fuel ratio control technology, 8EY26LDF engines always maintain optimum combustion, enabling them to deliver stable, highly reliable operation.

YANMAR was at the International Workboat Show in New Orleans from December 1st to 3rd, 2021, Booth 2511.

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