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A Unique Experience

Experience is at the center of the X47. Utilizing a custom designed, state-of-the-art dashboard which features a large touchscreen panel to centralize all engine data and domotics control, we have been able to simplify the complex switch and panel layout usually present on yacht. This enhances the yachting experience for the skipper and allows them to fully enjoy their time onboard.

The stress of docking the yacht at the marina is now a thing of the past thanks to the intuitive Yanmar joystick maneuvering system.

The Yanmar 8LV with the ZT370 sterndrive has the highest power/weight ratio on the market. The X47’s complement of three of these powerful yet economical marine diesels delivers superior acceleration and maneuvering

performance with high torque. The compact dimensions of the 8LV result in a smaller engine room and maximize the accommodation volume.

The boat can accommodate up to 7 guests at night with two en-suite rooms and up to 12 guests in navigation. Guests aboard the X47 will enjoy the thrill of life on the ocean in unparalleled luxury.
The Express Cruiser offers outstanding quality accommodation with two en suite cabins. The opulent living spaces are bathed in natural light and surrounded by exceptional craftsmanship and a selection of refined materials which create an atmosphere of beauty and comfort.
The lower deck features a salon for a relaxed entertaining and is convertible at night in a double berth. It is served by a well-equipped galley serving light meals and refreshments. The upper deck meanwhile boasts an open layout for maximum comfort and flexibility, with a cabin area that can be closed when the elements close in.

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